Thailand, Part 4

Posted by on February 22, 2017

Day 55, February 21

This was our last morning in Chiang Mai. I was a little bummed to leave because after being in one place for a few days, you start getting used to the hostel and the people. And the thought of packing up and lugging it all to the airport just seems very daunting.

The guy from the hostel ended up driving us to the airport for really cheap. Because we were taking a domestic flight (from Chiang Mai to Krabi with a layover in Bangkok) we didn’t have to do all of the immigration and customs rigamarole so we were at our gate with about an hour and half to spare. The Chiang Mai Airport didn’t have much going on in the way of duty free stores or anything else really. So we posted up and waited it out.

Our flight was on time and not full. These are 2 things that I’ve come to really, really appreciate. We were on Bangkok Airways for both legs of our flight and if I haven’t said it before, I love Bangkok Airways. They fed us a hot meal on our short hour flight. We got chicken and fried noodles with fruit, a brownie and water.

When we landed, since we were also on Bangkok Airways for the next leg to Krabi, we didn’t have to get our bags. This was another blessing for us. All around, Bangkok Airways really solidified their place as number 1 in my book today.

We found comfy chairs at the McDonald’s so we sat there and waited out our 3 hour layover. We took turns going to duty free to spritz down with some perfume. After a while we headed to our gate.

Once we boarded we noticed it again was not a full flight so we were able to spread out. And again we got a hot meal. This time it was Japanese chicken curry with rice, fruit, a strawberry cheese cake square and water.

God bless Bangkok airways. They made our travel day so easy and enjoyable.

Once we landed we grabbed our checked bags, exchanged some money and got a taxi. We decided to take a taxi van that had multiple stops because it was cheaper. The van was very interesting looking. The inside looked like what you would ride around in while in Vegas. It was a little over the top for a taxi service in Krabi.

Our pimped out taxi van

We ended up being the 3rd stop so it wasn’t bad at all. My sister was very, very excited about the hostel she booked. The hostel was called Hogwarts. I have never seen nor read anything related to Harry Potter so the excitement of the themed hostel was lost on me. There were cutouts of a few of the characters outside the entrance of our hostel and a cardboard broom.

Then you go inside and there are pictures of, what I think are, stills from the movies. We are in the Hogwarts dorm room (it an all female 6 room). The other rooms have some sort of reference to Harry Potter, as well, I am told.

The old King of Thailand in the lobby of Hogwarts

I don’t understand the connection but I’m told there is one

The theme would be really cool if I were into HP but what I got most excited about were the free towels, free breakfast and HOT WATER for showering!!!!! Also the rooms are really nice. We are both on top bunks but they are the easiest top bunks to get up to. And the beds are huge! They’re like a twin plus. But honestly they feel like queen size beds after having twin beds for the past 2 months.

The bed is huge!!!

After we checked in and put our bags down by our beds, we headed to the night market to see what Krabi had to offer. It looked like some were in the process of closing down so we didn’t have a lot to choose from. I found my little coconut patty dessert things that I’ve gotten just about every night the past week and my sister got some mango that ended up being bad so she threw it all away.

As we were leaving the night market and headed to 7/11 to stock up on waters, we saw a stand that was making pancakes. These were the crepe style pancakes. This stand was offering a few different combos so we thought we’d give it a try. We each got the cashew nut pancake. On the inside was an egg and the cashews and once folded and cut, the lady drizzled sweeten condensed milk over it. It was good but a little chocolate in there would have helped it.

This is jack fruit

This is what jack fruit grows in

Then we went to the busiest 7/11 I think I have ever seen. Some people were full on doing their shopping. I have grown to truly appreciate 7/11 and all that they offer. They are always there in every city/town/country we’re in and usually have pretty good snacks and cheap water to buy.

I have also picked up the habit of buying a pack of strawberry hi-chews whenever I see them and then usually eating the whole pack within the span of a few hours and then feel sick. I don’t know why I feel the need to buy them every time I see them but so far that has been the routine. 7/11 has a weird power over me right now.

After our, what’s become, nightly 7/11 trip, we headed back to the hostel. We are only staying one night in Krabi before we head out to the island of Ko Lanta tomorrow morning via bus.

Day 56, February 22

My morning count of mosquito bites on my face is now up to 5. It is so hot and humid in Krabi, like in a ‘the minute I step outside I start pouring sweat’ kind of way so I am not too sad to leave. I’m hoping the island we’re going to, Ko Lanta will be a little less hot and humid.

Our free breakfast consisted of coffee or tea, toast and a banana. After I decided to run over to the market and get some fresh mango.

While we were waiting for the van to pick us up, my sister wanted to take photos with the cardboard brooms she saw last night. It was way too hot to be playing around on the damn brooms but I went along with it.

I am really feeling hot and miserable here but I try to play along

The van picked us up and then we made one more stop before arriving at the loading area. We switched into a larger van and they crammed us inside.

The drive from Krabi to Ko Lanta was only a 2 hour ride so it wasn’t bad except for the fact that the van had little to no circulation of air and we were crammed in like sardines. I had to lift my shirt up for most of the ride to try and cool off.

I was confused how we were going to an island off the southern coast of Thailand but only taking a van there. Then we pulled up and saw a ferry that would be taking a few vans across the water.

We got to the other side and the van dropped us off right to our hostel. We are staying at a place called Hey Beach Hostel and it is a 10 second walk to the beach. It’s a cute little place with paradise in its backyard.

The late King and his wife

Building art on the way to the beach

More art

After we checked in and put our bathing suits on we took off towards the beach in search of food. There are restaurants lining the beach so it was easy to find a place. I got the glass noodle spicy salad. I was really wanting a papaya salad again but this place didn’t have it so I tried a new dish.

Then we decided it was water time. The body of water that is surrounding the island is the Andaman Sea. The water felt like bath water it was so warm and very clear. We saw a few jelly fish while in the water and we tried our hardest to take a sister selfie underwater. It was very difficult so we gave up on that and did underwater swimming pictures instead.

Above water selfies are no problem

This was the best one

When we got out my sister wanted to layout and since I hate laying out with a passion I decided to go in search of fresh fruit. I came to a place called Bambie’s so I stopped there and had some fresh mango and papaya. After I ate I noticed my sister was still laying out so I went next door and had a massage on the beach. It was really good because I’ve had a crick in my neck for a few days from all the different beds and pillows, I think.

After massage tea with a view

We then met back up and booked an all day tour for tomorrow though our hostel and then went to Bambie’s for dinner and the sunset.

I got the pad see ew which is another stir fried dish but uses flat noodles. I also got a beer because I saw it came with a koozie. Then, because we are living that island life right now, I got the banana fritters with strawberry ice-cream.

Our dinner view for the evening

The sunset was unreal. Between the colors and water and mountains in the background, it was a truly epic photo op.

We stopped at the mini mart to get waters before heading back to the hostel to shower and get ready for tomorrow. So far, we’re loving Ko Lanta!


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