Thailand, Part 2

Feb/19 By

Day 51, February 17 We didn’t have any tours booked for today so we slept in a little and enjoyed a relaxing morning. We had the same breakfast as the

Thailand, Part 1

Feb/16 By

Day 49, February 15 We were supposed to wake up at 7am so we could pack up, get ready and eat breakfast all before the van came to pick us

Myanmar, Part 3

Feb/14 By

Day 47, February 13 I have this huge mosquito bite on my foot so I kept waking up in the middle of the night to put medicine on it. And

Myanmar, Part 2

Feb/14 By

Day 46, February 12 Our breakfast today was fried rice and peas. I love peas but eating that with coffee made for an interesting combo. We had to meet our taxi

Myanmar, Part 1

Feb/12 By

Day 44, February 10 Morning came really fast. I needed a few more hours of sleep but was hoping I’d get some rest on the bus. We got dressed and

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