"Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." ― Ibn Battuta
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Thailand, Part 5

Feb/25 By

Day 57, February 23 I got maybe an hour or so of sleep because we had the world’s loudest female snorer ever. And it was cold. At one point I

Thailand, Part 4

Feb/22 By

Day 55, February 21 This was our last morning in Chiang Mai. I was a little bummed to leave because after being in one place for a few days, you

Thailand, Part 3

Feb/20 By

Day 53, February 19 As much as I love doing the tours, I also love having lazy mornings to go at our own pace. After eating we booked our flight

Thailand, Part 2

Feb/19 By

Day 51, February 17 We didn’t have any tours booked for today so we slept in a little and enjoyed a relaxing morning. We had the same breakfast as the

Thailand, Part 1

Feb/16 By

Day 49, February 15 We were supposed to wake up at 7am so we could pack up, get ready and eat breakfast all before the van came to pick us

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